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Chrysler Catamaran

Photographs from the Chrysler sales brochure

I've acquired a Chrysler Catamaran, as in the Chrysler Motor Company. Built in 1974, the Musketeer is 16.5' long. Chrysler only made these for a few years, I'm guessing they couldn't compete withHobie. But not for lack of trying, this boat looks like it could blow by a Hobie. The history of Chrysler's boat production history is pretty interesting, it was stopped when the US government had to bail out Chrysler. The Chrysler Sailing Association Web Site has the whole story.

I found the boat wasting away in someone's driveway. The owner had never used the boat and it hadn't been moved since 1990. Surprisingly it's not in too bad of shape. With a lot of elbow grease and some new canvas and sails, I should have it in the water this spring.
                      January, 2000

The boat floats! Here are the photographs to prove it.
She still needs some work, but I hope to take her out in the Puget Sound in August.
                      June, 2000

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